::The Foster's::

I love family shoots. They are always so much fun!! Last night was no different. Meet the Fosters - They are moving to the country (like really soon) so we went out to their land and took some fun outside shots.  There were bugs to contend with, and the boys kept talking of snakes (though we never saw any *THANK GOODNESS*).  But, hey - that's part of the outside.

It all started with these two:

They've been married for 13 years this week!

They have 3 (adorable, rowdy, very boyish) boys

And then they added little Mei to complete the group!  

Her brothers LOVE her, and you can SO tell when they are together.

Seriously - little Mei ("I'm Mei Mei!" she says) was SOOOO CUTE - I could have filled and entire blog of JUST her.


Mom had a GREAT idea to have a pillow fight!  There's about 25 to choose from, but I'm only posting 2!

I think this is my favorite

Thank you FOSTERS! I had a GREAT time!!

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Sarah said...

They are a beautiful family! You always do a great job.