Sneak Peek from the Iowa Supersession!

So a big part of our love for Iowa involves the Kelly Clan. When we go visit I always do a few shots of whatever "cousins" are around, and this time it was a majority of them! 9 kids total between the 3 families who were there that day. Here are a few of the highlights! (PS - We love and miss you ALL!) *Sidenote: I have photographed all of this kiddos before, but I'm not sure that I blogged them all - I'll link to the old ones if I can find them! Disclaimer: I am aware that my style has changed dramatically and for the better in my opinion. So no poking fun at my ridiculous use of vignette or weird attempts at vintage paleness! *

The Beekman's
We'll start with our buddy Michael who is sorely missed around this house. He agreed to a few portraits if he could still climb his tree at the same time. Not a problem! It's all about catching them being themselves at this age anyways.
Up next is little sister Adah, who is just about as cute as a button.

The Berbs! Anyone remember this picture? Well, here they are again, two years later!
Starting with the oldest (and MOST ornery) Jonah:
The stunning and shy Lydia

The very joyful Fiona (who also happens to be ornery).
The adorable Miss Ruby, who is super fun!
And sweet Lily.
The Kelly's are last but not least!
Such a perfect family portrait for them! Love it! :-)
Precious Irelynn and her Mama. ♥
Killer here (Killian) is going to be a handful in highschool. Look at that face! The girls don't stand a chance. Plus he LOVES to be kissed...
Love and miss you with our WHOLE hearts!

The Pearces

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Gorgeous pictures, Shaina! Enjoyed meeting you this week!