Ok - so I have a LOT of blogging to catch up on.  I guess you could say I've enter my 'busy season'! (I have a busy season! How sweet is that?!?!)  So, despite the rain/thunder and overall quickness of Michael I was able to redeem a few shots that I LOVE.  I think it's extra special to shoot Michael since he is Cael's best "buddy".  They had been apart for almost 2 weeks until yesterday and they had a sweet reunion!  Picked up right where they left off.  They managed to lose my socks for me (they each took one and wore them to box each other.  The socks were later recovered from the toy box, but not before I left the house without them on!!)
Michael hugging Mommy's baby-belly. ANY day now!!



Gotta LOVE those baby blues!

The ONLY time he sat down.

Love you guys!!


Sarah said...

Great shots! I love the splash into the puddles.

Sarah said...

AMAZING!! Sarah & Joy LOVE it!!

Lion Dusti said...

What a CUTIE! You did a great job getting good pics of the boys. Those blue eyes on Michael ... wow!