Not me! Monday

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1. I did not almost buy the whole first and second season of the OC when I found them at a garage sale.

2. Also while garage sale shopping this weekend I did not see Maternity Shorts and pause to entertain the idea of buying them for my NON-prego self, in hopes of finally having some shorts that fit.

3. After a morning playdate at the park, where his shoes kept falling off I did not just give up and let my 2 year old run barefoot through the pizza place we were having lunch at. That's so hill-billy and I would NEVER.

4. I did not FINALLY put the batteries back into the scale this last week, only to discover that it is CLEARLY broken and OFF by at least 5 pounds. It HAS to be.

5. Finally, I did not pull off the highway and let my child pee out of the side of the van, so as to not have to find a real bathroom. I also did not make him pee on a tree in the middle of the park last night, because I REFUSE to go into porta potties or park bathrooms.

In other cuteness, I DID overhear the following conversation:

Cael, in his most menacing, poweriffic voice: "Iiii'MMmmm Daaarrrrrthh VAAAAAAA-DEERRRRRRRRR"
Kyran, sweetly, "hi Darf-vader!"
*long pause*
Darth Vader/Cael, just as sweetly: "Hi."

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Adelas said...

Cut&Pasting the darth vader exchange for my husband, who will love it.

And I certainly don't know WHAT you're talking about with the shoes. I definitely didn't drop off my 1.5 year old to the church nursery yesterday with bare feet because I had not even thought about shoes for him that morning. This absolutely could not be because I haven't grown out of the whole "his feet aren't even going to touch the floor, he doesn't need shoes" stage, even though he has!

Cheryl said...

LOL. I don't even take my Littlest's shoes with me anymore when I go to the grocery store *blush*


Family American Style. said...

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