Mud as therapy

I had such a grand time last weekend over the 4th in Toronto (Kansas). One highlight was getting to catch up with a couple of old friends (seriously - we've been friend for 23 of our 28 years). I got to take a few picture of my friend Dusti's sons, who are 3 and 1-ish.

Gabe loves his Momma!
Ashton loves the camera!

Did I mention we were at a Mud Volleyball tournament? Where there was very little concrete - and LOTS of mud? Ashton and Gabe both got to play in it for a while:

^^This resulted in ...

Great-Grandma lovingly helping Gabe clean his feet.


Wichita Kansas Photographer | Shaina Pearce Photography

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Lion Dusti said...

Thank you so much for your photos. Jermie was really impressed - I knew they would be good! I tried to pimp your blog over on my page, but I don't see a lot of comments here so who knows... But thank you. Jermie's favorite is the last one of Gabe. He said it looks like he just served the ball. My favorite is the one of Gabe giving me a hug. I don't have a single picture like it. Always behind the camera, you know!! Thanks again.