Greetings blogfriends - I have done 3 shoots in 2 days and I have a plethora of pictures to go through. Seriously - it's some obscene amount like around 1300-1400. From 3 shoots. Ridiculous, I tell you. Anyways - all that will have to wait because tomorrow is DANVILLE CITY-WIDE GARAGE SALE Day. I have TONS to sell so that we don't have to move it!

Short list includes: Love seat, King size bed frame, dresser, end table, kitchen table, etagere's (2), wedding gowns, tons of other miscellaneous stuff. BONUS: Anna, my beloved cupcake lady is selling her GOURMET CUPCAKES from my yard as well! (Don't think I didn't plan that one on purpose!)

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Nancy Evans said...

I don't think you're keeping busy enough! :) You need to take some pictures of those gourmet cupcakes and post them on your blog so I can have a sugar fit. Last month I had the BEST gourmet cupcake in Kansas City--amaretto raspberry. My taste buds get all excited just thinking about it. Have a fun weekend!!! Good luck with your garage sale.

RgrBrggs said...

Hey Shaina,

I followed you over from MSM and your mac and cheese recipe. It looks good. Crystal is the sweetest person. She lives about 2 miles from me. It is so nice to have a friend who can tip me off about great sales in Wichita. When do you move?

This will show up under my husband's google account. I can not get it to log off.