Updated: Mommy Do list...

EDIT TO ADD: more things to the list (that I thought of after I went to bed) and a Yard sale update at the bottom....

To do before heading to Wichita:

1. Backup, cull, edit, export, upload, blog and Facebook a photoshoot. (x3)
2. Finalize and order graduation announcement due Friday
3. REschedule 3 shoots, displaced by the weather or other circumstances this week.
4. Call Yellowpages to yell at talk to someone. Again.

1. Clean out fridge
2. Take out Trash
3. Do dishes
4. Finish washing, drying, and folding laundry
5. Find shorts for boys since it's going to get hot this week
6. Pack for trip
7. Pay taxes!!
8. Clean out the car

1. Plan Cael & Ky's birthday party
2. Find a house to buy in Kansas
3. Maintain relationships with people...
4. Pack for the move

How's that for a pity party? UPDATE on the Yard Sale: I sold ALL my furniture! There was a tiny snafu with the woman who bought the bed, wanting to return it yesterday as her mattress didn't fit, but we worked it out and both parties were satisfied in the end. We didn't make as much $$ as I had in the past BUT we got rid of the junk stuff, and that's all that really mattered this time around.

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Lion Dusti said...

Yuck - that's a LOT to do. I'm sure your boys will behave perfectly so you can work on all those projects with no interruptions, too. ;-) Hope your garage sale went well so you have less to move! Later...

buttercup said...

That is a ginormous list!! Just take one thing at a time friend : ) and hire some babysitting....

Lion Dusti said...

I can't believe Pay Your Taxes is on the list!!! We waited until the last minute - they were e-filed on the 14th. You're crazy!