The Denly's

I met Deb a few years back at my MOPS table - we had such a great group! If any of you moms out there (especially moms of young children) are feeling alone FIND a Mops group, and STAT! I only had a handful of friends in Iowa (like real friends, who knew stuff about me) before I had Cael and joined MOPS - and then suddenly I was a part of this club. This totally AWESOME Mom-club, where everyone has lives perfect for "Not me! Monday". But I digress.... Where was I? Oh yes - Deb's sweet family:

Ashton had these SWEET red 'chucks' !
Max is playing Soccer this year for the first time - he's pretty good, I think!

So they have this GIANT inflatable (like the kind you rent for birthday parties) and it was WAY cool - I so want to play in it myself get one for the boys...

We had a great time swinging and playing in the sand...

Look at Ashton's ornery face! Looks like trouble to me!

Ok, so I said to mom and dad "Now kiss each other" ...
But the boys were confused and thought I meant for THEM to kiss each other. Totally cute!

I love this next series:

Thanks Denly's!

Wichita Kansas Photographer | Shaina Pearce Photography

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