1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9??? For real?

For REAL!! I had a CRAZY fun time shooting this family of 11!! Thats right NINE (9) of the most beautiful kids you will ever see!

Djonggi + Jean = ... ... ...

Eliana, Serena, Lydia, Sophia, Matthew, Carlin, Danny, Teto, and Emily

Starting in the middle with the youngest boy: Matthew
Teto (Christopher)
The girls like their horses...

Now the girls...
Eliana is the baby




And Emily - who has her own room!
(Well sort of. There are lots of sleep overs on Big sisters floor...)

The boys like football:

All eleven!

Thanks Situ's!!

Wichita Kansas Photographer | Shaina Pearce Photography


Lynette said...

beautiful people. beautiful photos.

Sarah said...

What a beautiful family. You did an awesome job. LIKE ALWAYS.

Nancy Evans said...

Wonderful work, Shaina! What a handsome looking family. They look like a fun bunch! Can you imagine what family get togethers are going to look like someday once those kids start having kids ot their own?!

Lion Dusti said...

Great shots. I like the boys and girls group shots. Impressive all around.