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So I have been thinking about refocusing my business when we move and I have made a decision.  I think I want to refocus more on portraits than weddings.  

This does not mean that I am NOT wanting to do weddings.  I do.  I really enjoy them.  Over the past 7 years I have been employed in almost every aspect of the wedding industry.  Seriously - I sold wedding gowns for almost 2 years.  I have been a wedding planner/coordinator in Kentucky and in Iowa.  I have worked for a linens company outfitting venues (chair covers, tablecloths, etc...)  And I have worked for a lady who does wedding decor (centerpieces, backdrops), is a fabulous florist and an expert cake maker.  So I can plan a wedding, decorate for it, find the *right* dress, make the bouquet, decorate the cake AND photograph the whole thing.  Weddings I can do.  Saturdays are the problem.

See, we have these 2 ADORABLE little boys who are trying to grow faster than the speed of light.  And I don't want to miss that.  I don't want to get so busy chasing 'my dream' that I miss my life! I don't want to have to forgo their playdates or ball games or lazy Saturdays.  So what does all this mean?

It means I'm limiting the amount of weddings I will cover.  I will probably only accept one a month - perhaps two if there are extenuating circumstances.    Weddings take an extraordinary amount of work.  An average of 8 to 10 hours of shooting in one day.  Then hundreds of shots to upload, backup, sort through, edit, re-edit, proof, finalize.  Then people can order their prints. Oh, don't forget album design.  One wedding could easily eat up a whole work week, even if I wasn't being interrupted every 15 minutes for diapers/drinks/toys/fights/movies/snacks/boo-boos/hugs.  I'm not complaining here - I'm explaining.  

Honestly, my desire lately has been to do another baby shoot.  {Any pregos out there - hit me up!!}  Seriously, maybe it's just the baby fever, but I have been wanting to do another newborn shoot since that last one.  Speaking of baby fever - NO, I'm not.  And I'm not wanting to be.  I want to acquire another child - not necessarily have one.   Anyways, don't ask me if I am - I get GREATLY offended (as would any woman) when I am asked if I'm expecting when I'm not.  If you wonder: WAIT (with your comments to yourself) until I announce something on my blog.  What you might think is a 'new blessing' is likely a poor wardrobe choice.  

On that note - I shall sign off.  Until next time....

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paige said...

i have a solution for you: steal a baby. free acquired baby with no morning sickness. rating on the frugality scale: 10. rating on the legality/morality scale: 0. i guess you'll just have to write a pro/con list.

paige said...

and, for anyone reading this, i am KIDDING.

(it would really be like a 1-2 on the frugality scale, after you had a birth certificate forged and whatnot.)

paige said...

wait. my baby is immune to all considerations. just to clarify.

to summarize: steal a baby. don't steal mine.

now i'll stop hogging your comments page.

Sarah said...

I think that is awesome Shaina..You need to do what makes you happy. More time with family is always a good choice.

Where the hell have I been...? You are moving? I take it to Wichita??

Jaime said...

This post made me laugh!! I think that's good you're making the right decisions for your family, too! I'm w/ Sarah, when/where's the move?

Tricia said...

thank you shaina for the public service announcement about how inappropriate it is to ask women if they are expecting when there is not clearly full term baby in there!! Remember.. some of us carry our weight around the middle. And we can't wear our spanx ALL the time :)