Eat Mud!

Poor Kyran - I feel bad. I am, what I like to call, a "Mess-minimalist." As such, I tend to halt anything FUN that might create a mess, to the detriment of my children's education and enjoyment. So today I scored DOUBLE mom points for allowing them to dig in the dirt.  Oh yes.  So, as I watched uncomfortably from the back steps, I debated about running in to get my camera.  If I had I might have caught the action which produced the following results:

Eww.  As Cael was wildly 'digging for dinosaur bones' he got a little carried away and accidently tossed a shovel full of dirt into his brothers face.  Ky's mouth was open and it was GROSS.  He was spitting and saying "it not tase gud, mom".  Forgive me, Kyran, for running to get the camera before I removed your muddy clothes while still on the steps.  

We have ALWAYS said that Ky looks like his Great Papa, but you be the judge. Compare the previous pictures with the couple that follow.

Meet Kyran in a few years:


chad said...

Too Funny!!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Too cute! I always find myself apologizing to my boys as I take pics of a situation when I should be cleaning or helping them in some way! They usually turn out to be great shots...like yours!