Update on the NYR's #2

Day 7 of no pop:  I can't believe it's been a week.  Today I woke up with a headache, which I might blame on the lack of caffeine.  I had NO sweet tea for the last 2 days either.  I had a mini-meltdown last night right before bed, and was about [this] close to driving to the gas station to get some Dr. Pepper.  I felt quite angry, and it was mostly unprovoked.  Luckily Chad swooped in and put the kids in bed, I kissed them and went downstairs to find my sanity.

Day 6 of No TV, aka 'The Day the TV was cut off':  Let me just say, it's a good thing I had them come remove the cable because, that is a resolution that would NOT have stuck.  Chad had caved and watched football twice over the weekend.  I, however, refrained from turning on cartoons on Saturday morning.  My biggest fear this is so dumb, looking back on it, but it is truly how I felt was that the boys would be so sad without their beloved cartoons.  I thought they would cry, and mope as if locked in perpetual time out.  I thought they would beg, and I would be consumed with guilt, for withholding something they enjoyed so much.  Wow - was I wrong.  They are not as emotionally attached to TV as I thought they were, (thank goodness!).  Moreover, they don't even seem to miss it at all.  It's as if we have never been coach potatoes.  They are playing happily all around. IF  they ask for anything it's been for a movie, and I have 'movie time' on our list of centers.   I do credit the loss of TV to part of the reason my head is pounding, but I'm feeling a little better about this decision each day.

Day 6 of get more organized: I have borrowed a label maker, and I think I'm in love.  While my practical side can see little use for owning one of these, I am throughly enjoying it for now.  I have used it to label 10 tubs of clothing belonging to my boys, from birth up to 3T.  There's more tubs in the basement that I will label later today, and I plan on labeling the clear tubs in my pantry as well.  I have also 'resolved' to turn off my computer after I finish this post.  I have much to do, and sitting here, waiting for comments takes up MUCH of my time.  Far too much.

So, there you have it - we shall see what tomorrow brings.

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Sarah said...

You are doing so awesome! I don't really think our family would survive without TV. I mean we don't have to have it, we just want it. Ok I sound like an addict.

Can I ask why you just didn't cut TV time down (like to two days a week) instead of quitting cold turkey? I have thought about have 2 family nights a week where all we do is play games, have dinner, color and do fun family stuff.
But I am afraid Jeremy would divorce me with out TV. just kidding. ;)