For Duz

Ok - 10 hours and 7 loads later, here I am.  The last part of my Thanksgiving-y post from a while back.  I went to my Dad's in little Toronto, Kansas for the aforementioned Hibbard Thanksgiving.  That evening, Dusti brought her two sweet boys over for a little Pajama party!  Gabe is 1 year and 2 days younger than Cael, though wouldn't know it by looking at them side by side.  My poor buddy is  just destined to be short.  It was interesting to watch and listen to the 3 older boys play.  It got loud for a while, when they all started screaming and screeching just for kicks.  But they had a great time!

This is little Ashton.  He was too small to get in on the action this time around, but by next year he'll be all over the place with the bigger boys!

Momma made him laugh!  It was SO cute.  This is a favorite.
Hello Beautiful friend!

Totally rockin' the all natural faux hawk! 
We piled all the boys on the end of the couch in an attempt to get a group picture.
It was a little hilarious.

What a precious family.

Ok, seriously - you have NO idea how irritated I am that this is blurry!  I LOVE this picture, but since it was dark and the lighting was a couple of lamps, it's 'soft'.  Ok, it's more like 'mushy'.
 I still love it though.
I'll finish with my favorite of little Ashton:  
So good to hang out: perhaps, we can find time to do it again soon! NBL, Duz.


Jaime said...

Love the pics of you girls & all the boys!! Too cute! Looks like it was a good time!

Jaime said...

Also, forgot to mention....

Love the term "faux hawk"!

Dusti said...

Seriously, shaina - better than I had hoped for! LOVE them love them LOVE them. :-)

Sarah said...

So beautiful.

Sarah said...

gorgeous! love you shaina

hehe the word verification is perms! Ha! that was funny to me!

Dusti said...

Just came back to look again! :)

Sarah said...

Still beautiful. :)