Beekmans {Iowa Family Photographer}

Sorry for the brevity of this post, but I am still fighting a head cold that has made my head feel like it weighs a TON.  We went to visit my friends today and did a mini-session.

Also, let me apologize for the doubling up of the watermarks.  I am learning new tricks in one of my programs.  (Emphasis on 'learning'.)

Meet the Beekmans:

You remember, Adah, don't you?

Michael LOVES his sister.  She loves him too, only you can't tell that in this picture.
Christmas-y picture!

Michael's baby blues are amazing...

He was over the pictures before I started.  He's still cute.


Sarah said...

Typical man, doesn't like photo time. ha ha.

Hope you feel better soon.

CalieB said...

Those are very cute pics! Love the red and brown together!

Megan H. said...

So Cute! I love them. I think I have the same cold. Hope you feel better.

CrYsTAL said...

Great pictures... I actually have been dabbling in photography as well. I just did a session with 2 adorable little guys, You should check them out, give me some feedback!Of course when you get your computer back, LOL