Preachy Post #2 / On the Road

So, our 2 week Thanksgiving extravaganza has begun!  As I type, I am sitting on a white leather Love-seat in Oklahoma City.  The next stop is Dallas for 3 days, sans kids, then it's back to Wichita and finally Toronto.  I love Thanksgiving.


I love thanksgiving, but I LOATHE the pounds it brings....  I have had ENTIRELY too much dessert already.   I read my friends blogs about their diets and I'm jealous.  Jealous that I have absolutely NO willpower.  None.  


So I feel like we are being bombarded with bad news lately.  There have been multiple persons that I am close with who have been effected by death in the past week or so.  I have learned of 2 (impending) divorces - of marriages that I thought were bulletproof.  Car wrecks.  Freak accidents.  As a friend put it, Satan is alive and well.  I hate him.  

But I know God is there.  He's constant.  He loves my kids more than I do.  He's here even when it looks like everything is spinning out of control.  He's not surprised when bad things happen, and He's not wringing His hands in worry. Like I do.  He's got this - He got it under control.   He doesn't promise me a life without pain.  He doesn't guarantee that tragedy won't happen.  He guarantees that when it happens, He'll be there.


Ok - I'm off to bed, since we have to get up reeeeeeeeeally early to leave.  Perhaps something funny will happen for me to blog about tomorrow.


Jaime said...

Thanks for your inspiring words! Have a great time w/ family & friends & good food!

Kage Imagery said...

I love the new look of your blog! Did you do it yourself?