Things I love about my hubby:
1.  He passionately loves God and wants to be used by Him.
2. He's such a FUN and involved Dad - he's willing to sacrifice his 'downtime' for 'playtime'.
3. He does the dishes ALL the time, even when I haven't rinsed them off.
4. He's ever patient with me and my ADHD - also with my volume level, my procrastination and my emotional instability.
5. He loves my family.
6. He knows me better than anyone else.
7. He's always real - what you see is what you get.
As long as I have you, Babe - the next 7 years will be just as great as the last have been.  Thank you for loving me, leading me and being the man of God that you are.
Love you, bunches and bunches