Miscellaneous Saturday

PSA: My Daddy is coming for a visit (!!!!!) so consequently, I will not be blogging much this weekend.  


Random fun fact of the day: I have 4 wedding gowns hanging in my basement.  


My kids are still on a sugar high - anyone elses?  My Dad and I are going to be making [LOTS] of Peach and Strawberry freezer jam.  That is to say, "Let the sugar high continue!"  


I got one of my 2 new lenses - the *really* good one.  I L-O-V-E it.  Can't wait to have a shoot I can use it at, since my boys are only tolerant for small bursts, and even then, not so much.  


All  my Love, Blogworld. ♥

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tivo vovo said...

it is awesome to see your blog. since i don't myspace really much anymore, i rarely get the chance to hear from you guys. paige says it was so great to see you. i can imagine. i miss you guys. it is great to see your photos and get caught up so to speak. hopefully we can all get together soon!!!