Making Jam

My Daddy came, and went :( - sad now.  But I get to see him again for the BIG and loud Hibbard Family Thanksgiving, which is always fun.

Anyways - his gift for my [Election {Day] of Birth} was a freezer full of homemade strawberry, and peach jam to last the winter!  It took us much of the afternoon, but will be WELL worth it on some chilly November day.  Here's a few pictures of the undertaking:

PS - if anyone wants to do this it's NOT hard, especially if you buy Frozen fruit! (We were cooking the peaches to remove the skins - if you buy Frozen fruit it would be a cinch.) All you need is a package of Freezer Jam Pectin (You MUST get this type), some Freezer jars (Plastic now, for Safer freezing), a couple of bags of sugar and your fruit of choice.  One pouch needs 2 cups of crushed fruit, and makes 2 1/2  [16 oz jars].  It's SO easy.  Also - if you want a less or no sugar version they sell Pectin for those too.  

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Lorrie Briggs said...

I canned a bunch of pear butter, applesauce, and pears last month. It was so fun.
You mentioned that you do not have a Kroger near you. What grocery stores do you have? I will see if I can find a site that has deals for that store.