Miscellaneous Monday 6

Ok - a wee bit early, but MOST of you will read this Monday.  Not that it matters since I clearly follow NO rules when it comes to blogging.


I've been working my butt off on cards, and announcements lately and glad to do so.  IF you want a Christmas card designed in time to mail out you should have your order in to me in the next 3 weeks.  Maybe 4.  I'm one of those people who sends Christmas cards out late.  Like for Valentines Day.  It's always nice to get something in the mail - and it's even nicer when you aren't expecting it, right?  It's not just Christmas Cards for me though. I recently (like 2 weeks ago) found Birthday cards I had purchased for my littlest sister and Dad in my office.  Their birthdays are June 19th and 21st, respectively.  Oh yes.  Not the timeliest with cards.


I have been OBSESSED with hot chocolate lately.  We have a Starbucks now, so the flame is easier to fan.  But my true [hot chocolate] love comes from Cocoa Dolce and I am constantly trying to invent my own version of their Mexican Hot Chocolate.  I used to consider myself a Hot chocolate snob because I wouldn't drink anything other than Swiss Miss, or occasionally, Ghirardelli.  {Weird sense of De ja vu just now - with that last sentence. Have I blogged this thought before?}  Anyways - now I won't drink Swiss Miss.  I only want the kind of hot chocolate where you melt REAL dark chocolate into milk and add {cinnamon &} sugar.  Fancy Schmancy. 


Have I mentioned my birthday is on election day?  Well, it is.  I can't decide if that's beneficial or not.  The day I was born was the day Ronald Reagan  was elected.  When I was 4 I wrote him a letter about November 4th being so significant to both of us. Ok - Maybe I was older, I don't remember.  Anyways, he sent back an autographed picture for me, and one for Evie, cause she had scribbled on the back of the letter.  I wonder where that picture is.  Mom? Any ideas?


Ok - must sleep.  More tomorrow.

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Sarah said...

I am so going to Wichita to get some of that hot chocolate you talk about. I love that store. Mmmm.

That is a cool story about Reagan.