blog lazy

ETA: fixed grammatical error. Thanks Chad!

Man, peeps - I am just not feeling the blog lately.  I'm not going to give up - I'm just struggling a little.  I have a shoot to post, a bunch of tackles (that have since been undone) and a few random things.

I promised Hollie I would post all the work I got done today while she entertained my boys.  (Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!)  But guess what - I'm going to break that promise.  BUT I am going to post something Hollie-related.

Our new hair style.  I'm getting my hair colored like this when I go see my in-laws @ Thanksgiving.  Not sure when Hollie's doing it but we both LOVED it on Dawn from Fireflight!!
I'm eager to see how I am received by people with this duel tone look.  I mean it works for a rockstar - but what about for a photogramom?


hollieschuff said...

These pics are awesome, I haven't figured out how to get them off my phone and onto my computer. I think you can pull it off, I mean you are a rock star and your married to a real one. Me, not so much. I will chicken out, I'm sure, until I see you with the cool do and get jealous and have to have the cool do too!

tivo vovo said...

i think you will pull is off famously!