Miscellaneous Friday

T minus 62 hours and counting until Cael's surgery.  I'm nervous.  It should be fine - they do like a million of these a year, right?  We would still covet your prayers.  Monday morning - surgery is @ 7:00 am....


I LOVE the movie Hairspray. (The new one).  Love it.  I love musicals anyways, but usually not in movie form.  Lucky for me Cael loves it too.  Two to one vote, meant Chad was outnumbered - or perhaps he took pity on Cael, and we brought it home.  The boys are dancing to it now.


Is there anything better than hot chili on a cool fall evening?  I think not.  Mine smells good.....


I wanted to post something about my toddler and his distaste for wearing his jeans, but I am WORRIED about weirdos from the internet finding my blog when they search for phrases on google.  Anyone else have this problem? Either of these problems?


For anyone in Kansas wanting a Portrait session I will be in Kansas for a few days over Thanksgiving (all before Turkey Day, itself.)  If you are interested shoot me an email:
caelnkysmom {at} gmail {dot} com.


I realized yesterday that I have NEVER blogged about one of my FAVORITE places EVER.  It's a must visit when I am in Wichita.  Cocoa Dolce is on the Northeast side of town. (Rock and 37th St. N.) They have recently expanded their sitting area and they have the most amazing and memorable chocolates I have ever had. Period.  Their Mexican Hot Chocolate is my absolute FAV there.  If only you could taste through the internet..... It's so rich, decadent, unique and absolutely worth EVERY penny.  Seriously. I can't WAIT until my birthday. 


Cael has asked if he can wear his Spiderman costume but with a Batman mask for Halloween.  I told him it was fine with me.  I love him and his slight eccentricity.  He gets it from his father, obviously.


I have a Tackle to post complete with pictures.  I swear.  Maybe tomorrow? 

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Sarah said...

Cocoa Dolce is amazing! I love all the truffles and beautiful chocolates. I used to work right by it and had a bad sweet tooth for them.

I worry about what weirdos are looking at pics of Tay too. I always make sure to not post naked or anything that would be close. But who knows what turns them on. ;(