Lazy blogger

That would be me. But I am not lazy overall - just in the blog world. Here's what you have to look forward to in the near future:

  • Miscellaneous (Some)day - I love these.  It's how my brain actually works. Flipping from one thing to the next, completely random.  Have I mentioned I'm making a t-shirt quilt?
  • Tackle it Tuesday - I had an AWESOME one on Monday, plus I have another in the works.... Maybe it will be Tackle it Thursday tomorrow??
  • More shoots! I have a family shoot this weekend, a wedding in like 3 weeks, and 3 wedding gowns that need to be trashed.  (I have one model - still looking for one more.  The dresses are like size 10, I think?)  I wanted to get a dress trashed before Cael's surgery Monday, but I'm thinking it won't happen...... Can't wait for the surgery to be over.  I'm nervous.   {PS in case I don't have time to blog on the 20th HAPPY (early) ANNIVERSARY to our very good friends Sammie & Drewder. :-)  I am thinking about it now, but might not be come Monday.  I have to BE at the hospital at 6:00 that day. That would be A.M. :: My brain will be mush.}

Ok - 11:30 is where I HAVE to stop.  Much love, bloggers.......

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Sarah said...

Oh, I love that you called them Sammie and Drewder! Will be praying for Cael, and your busy week!