Tackle it Tuesday

EDIT: Crossed out things I got done. 

So here's my to-do list of the things I WANT to accomplish today.  Perhaps if I blog my list then I will have more incentive to show you I can get it done.....  Note: I am behind from the boys being sick, and the fact that I spent 80% of yesterday working on Christmas plans, and gift ideas for everyone.

Catch up on laundry: minimum 3 loads.  Washed (currently 2 done), Dried (1 done), Folded (this is like -3, as I have my papasan half full already) and PUT AWAY (-3 as well).

Do the dishes: yikes.  Credit due to my husband who gets tired of looking at the Chili pot that's been "soaking" for over 24 hours, and washes it for me.  He also went to Walmart for me yesterday, which is a big help.  Thanks Honey!

Sweep the Dining room.  Kyran's helping me with this by eating all the large pieces of cracker off the floor, but it's only fair as he makes 90% of the mess down there.

Tidy bathroom.

Call ENT Dr.

Eat cupcake.  

Get a shower.

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Lion Dusti said...

Well, if you only ate one cupcake, I think you did GREAT!!! :-)