Now accepting applications....

Position now available for Nanny - all day Tuesday or Wednesday.  Must be good with children, willing to potty train, and resolute.  Toddler-ese as a second language is a plus, but not a requirement.  Boatloads of patience, and a light saber is encouraged.  No strait jackets are provided.  IN LIEU of this position, I would also hire an organizational expert, who would be willing to find the floor of my office, and help my brain sort out all it's to-do's.  Oh, and they will need to work for free.  

It's days (weeks) like this that I wish I lived closer to my mom.  I haven't seen the floor of my office since June.  Luckily (?) I pay my bills online, so there is little need to keep track of the paperwork.  That is until there is a NEED to FIND a particular piece of paper.  Like, for example, a child's school supply list.  I will have made 3 (three!) trips to Walmart/Target before I finally get everything I need for Cael's first day of (pre)School.  And here, that's ridiculous, because we have to 'go to town' to get to Walmart.  I try to only go to town 2 times a week, not counting Sunday lunch, cause that's a given.  Anyways - I need my mom to take my kids for the day, so I could get some stuff done!!  I'm spinning my wheels, but not getting anywhere in this holy cow mess.

And my brain - speaking of, has anyone seen it? I think it's lost in the office too, because I haven't had access to it lately.  I put (non-potty-trained) Cael in undies this morning, in a continuing effort to GET HIM pt'd.  We have a normal morning, until we decide to go to lunch (curse you Pizza Ranch, and your Cactus Bread with ice cream).  We have a nice lunch, and go on to Walmart to get our school supplies (sans list).  While SEARCHING Walmart for a backpack suitable for a 3 year old boy, Cael spots a Wall of "super cool underwear!"  He grabs a pack and insists he MUST have them.  I reply with, "Oh no.  Not until you're potty trained, mister. Only big boys, who use the potty all the time, get super cool batman undies."  Devestated by this news, he sulks ahead of me in Walmart.  Chad speaks up, "You do realize that he's wearing underwear right now.  When was the last time he went potty?"  *I think to myself OH Crap! I completely forgot!! It's been like 4 hours!! He can't wait 30 minutes without peeing on the carpet at home! Did he pee in the van? At the Pizza Ranch? In the aisle back there when I told him NO??* I simply replied,"Oh Crap!" So Chad scooped him up and ran off to the bathroom, and after a little stage fright, they emerged victorious!!  whew  - Crisis averted.  Brain obviously still MIA.

Let me know if you see it anywhere.


Sarah said...

We all need that free help. If you find someone, send them to Kansas when your done.

That is too funny about the big boy undies.

Tara said...

We all could use another set of hands. I can't imagine how badly you must need it with the boys!! If I lived closer, well, I would volunteer. Till then, keep searching!! Your photography website looks amazing by the way. How did u do that?