Miscellaneous Monday 3

Ah! I have baby fever!!  But there's a problem with this because we have agreed (at least in as much as we can control things) that we won't be having another child.  

This is coming up now because my BFF in Wichita, Kristin is IN LABOR!! She is officially 1 week overdue today, and I just heard from her hubby that she's been trudging along like a trooper since 4:00 PM yesterday (sans epidural!).  I'll be updating later, after she has little Graham.  

Update: Little Graham was born!! (Finally) I don't have all the details but I do know dimensions:

8lbs, 14 oz, and 21 inches long.  Big boy!!  I'll add pictures when I get some!


Also ETA: Anyone else completely creeped OUT by Heroes?  So weird.

Quote from my husband:
"This show makes my brain hurt."


I have a new diet.  It works, but it no fun.  I have 'owies' on my tongue, from a virus and it makes it difficult to eat.  bleh.


In lieu of my usual 3 mile run, I did some interval training with my friends at Go-Go girls on Saturday morning.  Let me just say, that it definitely stinks.  BUT the upside is it's supposed to boost my metabolism (!!!) plus, it doesn't take nearly as long.


Survivor starts this week!! (More on this at a later date!)


Ok - I am officially late to pick up Cael from Preschool.  Later Gators.

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hollieschuff said...

Ah, baby fever, I know that feeling. I have to get my baby fix working in the nursery once a month. That does the trick for me, cuz we are not having any more either (made sure of that!) Hope all goes well for the new baby's arrival!