Cael is 3!!

Wow - I cannot BELIEVE it has been 3 years (almost - 11:24 pm, I think...) since we met our first little buddy.  What a trip it has been!  He walked @ 10  months, got his first tooth @ 13 months and started speaking in FULL SENTENCES at 19 months...  He has kept us in stitches the whole time!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAEL! 

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Lion Dusti said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAEL! Isn't it cool that we're posting birthday brags on the same day? Gabe's birthday is actually tomorrow. I remember he was due on Cael's birthday, which is when I went into labor, but their birthdays are a day apart. :-) Hope you guys have a great time celebrating with him and lots of good cake! ;-)