It's bery Scoopy and dark in daer...

Ky pulled Daddy's hair

How handsome is my man? I'm so lucky...

Looks better edited I think (compare to previous blog 'cutiepie')

♥ him...
Ky was charging!
I like this one!

  The title is Cael's new phrase of the week - translated it means it's very SPOOKY and dark in there.  He's goofy.  

 I have a public service announcement:
Spin classes are of the Devil.  Truly, they are a punishment that only the worst criminals deserve.  I tried to 'spin' last night for the first (and LAST) time.  It is not recommended for anyone who cannot run 3 (7 minute) miles without stopping.  


Lion Dusti said...

Baby puke sessions! Fun times! :-) Hope your boy is feeling better. Mine is turning into a monster, did you read about our trip to Dillons. Good grief. It's a wonder any young mother has a shread of sanity. And, as to your need for Dr. Pepper, I crave Pepsi! :-)

Ps - Yes, your boys are handsome and charming!

Lion Dusti said...

PS - I freaking LOVED psycho spin class when we lived in Wichita (pre-Gabe.) I think you should go again and give it another shot!