♥[Julie+Eddie ]♥

Lane hard at work.

Lydia bored with the rehearsal. 

Zeke running down the aisle.

Megan' clan.

Ok - sorry they are all out of whack. I am still struggling with getting them in the right order.  Some are from the rehearsal, some from the wedding some from the 'getting ready'.  So yeah.
Leave me some Loves... 

(Captions above each picture)

Ruby May stealing the show...

Julie and Eddie with Harvey and Loyce (Her parents)

Julie and Eddie with Michael

Ruby stealing the show (still)...

Everyone on stage circled for Prayer during the slideshow.

Yeah!! Married!! now to get ready... (???)

Blushing Bride

A favorite of mine - 

Ok so you'll see a pic of the locket at the bottom, but this was when they gave it to them and everyone cried...

This is ALL their grandkids between the 2 of them.  That will be an expensive Christmas... I believe 14 all together and 16 is on the way (1 is in Heaven).

Here they are - all 30 of them!!!

Fiona (Berberich's #3) brushing her teeth...

Lydia (Berberich's #2 and Fi's big sis) was helping her get dressed.

Ruby May (Berb # 4) was showing me her BEAUTIFUL HUGE Bow.

And Berb's First born, and ONLY boy getting smooches from his momma. He's 10. Can you tell?

Shaelynn Sue, our little angel, and Killian's Big sis.

Sarah's 'fetching' shoes. I love these shoes!
Joy being goofy.

Lillian, (Berb #5) brushing her teeth on the counter. : )

Lydia did NOT want rollers in her hair.

Ok - here's the locket and Julie's rings.
This is the locket the girls got for Julie and Eddie that has their first wedding portraits in it. (Both Julie and Eddie lost their first Spouses.)

These are my favs (plus the one above of the locket)

Everyone, looking up at EVERYONE. 

CONGRATS to Julie and Eddie and their Fams.  We look forward to many VERY full party's with the 30 of you :). Love you!!


Sarah said...

I am so thrilled with all of these pictures. I am so greatful for your willingness to do all of this Shaina. You are a great girl! Love you!

Tara said...

The pictures are amazing. You truely have a talent. Love reading your blog. Found it from The Denny Daily site.

Tara said...

Thank you for your compliments. These days I am in Toronto Canada. My husband is Canadian, and after living in SE Ks for awhile, we decided to move here. My family lives in NE Oklahoma so we get that way sometimes. Your family is adorable! Are you on myspace or facebook at all?

Lion Dusti said...

I love so so many things about your pictures! My favorites are the pictures of the neck and the feet of the bride, very interesting photography. Another of my favorites is of the little girl with all the freckles. I really like how you take pictures of the wedding rings. Love them on the flowers. I wish I could go back and look at the pictures while I write comments! :-) That's just such a smiley family it must have been a joy to capture all their emotions through the day. Really love the reaction shot of the locket too. Looks like you did a super great job!