Not me! Monday with photographic evidence

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1. This week I did not neglect to oversee my youngest child as he put on his shoes. That is until we were out in public:

2. (Though I may have posted this before, I AM entirely to lazy to look for it in previous posts.) While listening to the radio in the truck this week I did not hear my 2 year old singing along with P!nk's "So What". I was not completely shocked when I turned down the music to verify my suspicions when that 2 year old said, "Hey! Turn dat song back up Mom!" He did not sing along until it was over.

3. After a day on my dads farm I did not take my dirt covered boys on a much needed grocery trip. I was not so vain as to opt for a smaller town Walmart, over my normal fancy grocer, because I was worried that the shiny, clean people would stare and judge. Nor was I too lazy to take them home for their bath BEFORE traipsing around in public with feet like this:

4. I did not find this picture of Cael showing off his bandaid to his great grandfather hilarious:

5. Last but not least I was not slightly grossed out to find a (barely) wet diaper in the boys room. It was not my fault that it was there since I had sent it to the trash, via a child with ADHD, and failed to follow up to see if he had done it.

6. I did not watch Dirty Dancing over the weekend. Twice. In 24 hours. :-)

Care to share all that you did not do?

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Lindsey Rowland said...

Well we have something in common. Not only did I watch Dirty Dancing 2xs this weekend I also let my 3 year old little boy watch it with me to. And he was (Not) trying to dance like them and I did (not) find it very funny!!

Heidi said...

My 3yo is constantly leaving in mismatched shoes. He tried to wear 1 slipper and 1 rain boot to church yesterday. I told him he needed to wear shoes that match, and he told me that he was, "they are both blue!"

Lion Dusti said...

Loved the pic of your kiddo's flip flops. Loved your Not Me moments. You did inspire me to share some of mine... With toddlers, there's always something to crack up about!