Not me! Monday - State Fair edition

Welcome to Not me! Monday - that time of the week when we proclaim everything we did NOT do. When you're done here swing by MckMama's to see what everyone else has not been up to....

1. I am not the daughter of a 'Carny' (hi mom! love you! Oh - Happy Birthday!). Nor have I ever had said same title on my OWN resumé. Indeed, I have not, in years past, spent days standing in a very hot trailer, near a vat of 400 degree grease, smelling like a giant french fry, with no make up on and my hair in a hot mess on top of my head. Nope. Never happened.

2. Having visited the Fair tonight I did not feed my children the following (in this order) for dinner... eh'hem:
  • A piece of Birthday cake. Each.
  • A Funnel Cake
  • An ear of corn, soaked in enough butter for it to run down to my elbow.
  • A bowl of "Nitro Ice cream", which, although tasty, appears to have been just very cold 'regular' ice cream.
  • A half of a burger and a handful of french fries
  • All the (fresh, hand squeezed, made from scratch) Lemonade they could drink.
Mother of the Year. Right here folks.

3. After all that Lemonade I did not have to improvise a bathroom solution for the 4 year old. Here's what (didn't) happen: He proclaimed his need for the bathroom (or a tree) just as we left the gate from the Fair. Observing that we were a great distance from any legal bathroom solution, and not secluded enough for peeing on a tree I thought on my feet. I offered him the chance to pee into a diaper, but said he had to wait until I got his brother into his carseat. By the time I got back to the 4yo, who I left standing alone in his daddy's truck, he was standing there looking at me, baring all, with a VERY concerned look on his face. No sooner had I covered him with the diaper, did he begin to fill it. I never even strapped it on.

4. I am not planning to go BACK to the Fair 2 more times this week!

Ok - I'm all tapped out. What did you not do this week?

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Lion Dusti said...

I did not LMAO at your 4 year old pee story. My 3 year old always, always finds a bathroom when he has to pee. He never uses trees, tires, or just bares it when he has to go. :-) I do not totally relate. And BTW, how did your boys sleep after all that fair food? So long as they slept well, I think you're still in the rinning for MOTY. :-)

Nancy Evans said...

My guess is that you went to the State Fair a billion times when you were a kid and you HAVE to continue the tradition of junk food deluxe! It's a sickness. You get infected by a corn dog and you are lured back every blasted year.