Not me! Monday

Welcome to Not me! Monday - a blog carnival set up by MckMama. Head on over to visit her and see what everyone else has NOT been up to this week.

1. I did not start having anxiety about Cael starting in Kindergarten. NEXT year. That would be silly.

2. While wrestling with my boys I did not accidently ram my two year olds head into the wall very hard. :-( If I did I would have felt terrible, especially when the two year old turns and said "You hurt-ted my head!"

3. On Monday I did not forget about the stroller that was in the back of Hubby's pickup truck, until 4am when I heard thunder. I did not rush outside right then only to discover I had slept through the majority of the storm and the stroller was already soaked. It did not sit in my front hallway for a week "drying" even though it was probably dry after 2 days...

4. While my hubby was out of town I did not let both the boys sleep with me because I sleep better in a full bed. This would not be because I have shared a bed with someone (either husband or sisters) for the majority of my life.

5. While the hubs was gone I did not make and eat tons of food with garlic in it. In fact the after-smell of garlic was not so strong one night that it WOKE ME UP and I could not go back to sleep until I washed my hands.

6. Last but not least, I did not call a Wichita company to tattle on one of their truck drivers who ticked me off on the road. Seriously, I think every now and then I channel my Grandmother, who liked to cuss at stupid people. I get so irritated with poor drivers, and feel it is my right (nay, responsibility) to set them straight! This guy was obnoxious, cutting off drivers, flying through red lights and trying to beat me into a construction zone. So his boss got a play by play, from yours truly. Don't let me catch you driving across the lanes in a parking lot.

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Kim said...

That grandmother was one of my most favorite people ever, so you just channel away! Some stupid people just deserve to be cussed at, as I'm sure she would tell you. :)