Not me! Monday

It's time again for Not me! Monday - swing on over to MckMama's Blog when you're done to check out what everyone else has NOT been doing:

1. At the moment I do not have 7 loads of laundry on the couch/floor (in baskets at least) in the living room. I didn't wash and dry most of that laundry on Thursday of last week, nor did I leave it unfolded on both couches until yesterday.

2. While out garage sale-ing this Thursday I did not have to beg the use of a toilet for my 4 year old from an unsuspecting homeowner, to avoid having him pee in the car, or on a tree.

3. While garage sale-ing this Friday, I was not presented with the same problem of a 4 year old needing to pee where there was no where to go. My husband did not solve this problem by letting the 4 year old pee on a tree in a (somewhat) secluded parking lot. I did not have to shrug my shoulders and smile weakly at the (obviously offended) lady who happened upon our makeshift bathroom.

4. Saturday night, at some unholy hour, the youngest child woke up asking for water. As I was about to step into the hallway to return his cup, my oldest child came FLYING past the door was standing in. I did not almost curse at him, being frightened by his sudden presence.

5. An unusual thing happened this week - I received a check in the mail for a substantial amount that I had no idea where it came from! It was only a check - nothing else in the envelope. I was immediately skeptical, thinking it must be a scam either from someone overseas, or a trick from my credit card company. It was addressed to me, at my new address, but also had my OLD address on it. I called the number on the check, and while listening to the automated voice give me options I did not realize that I had sent the check to MYSELF. Seriously, I wonder sometimes why my husband trusts me with these children, my brain being so dysfunctional as it is. I had wanted to transfer money from my account in Iowa to my account in Wichita, and using billpay to send myself a check was the only free way that I knew of at the time. *smacks forehead*

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Lion Dusti said...

Love your Not Me Mondays. Can totally relate to the tree-watering stories, except mine is used to his babysitter's out in the country. Were this a Not Me post on my site, I would not admit that my 3 year old did not pull his pants down in a friend's front yard and pee in front of all of their children. My child is not an exhibitionist when it comes to peeing!!! Sakes!