Not me! Monday

I have lots of excuses for my blog slacking, but no one is interested in those today. So let's just get on with it shall we? It's time again for Not me! Monday - that time every week when we confess all the things we certainly did NOT do. This blog carnival is hosted by MckMama - you should go check her out when you're done here.

1. This week I did not wash the same load of laundry 2 3 times because I kept forgetting to put it in the dryer before the next day. They are not still in the washer as we speak.

2. Having lived in my new house for 3 weeks, I have not neglected to dust even once in that amount of time. Nor have I neglected to clean out the fridge. I am ON top of things. Never fall behind. Nope - not me!

3.On my first day of work at Hairafter Studios I did not accidently BUY something when the very first call came in. I am certainly savvy enough to recognize a salesman calling, and would never have agreed to have my boss/father-in-law billed for $39.95. And if I DID buy something, I would know what it was, and not be completely confused by the end of the conversation.

4. I did not burst into tears upon receiving a call from a very good friend in Iowa. This reaction did not prompt her to ask if I was Prego. (Which I totally FOR REAL am NOT. Seriously - no.)

5. I did not overhear my 4 year old playing "drive-thru" with his newest friend Addie. I have no idea where he would have learned such a concept. It's not like we have started eating out WAY more than when we lived 15 miles from the nearest drive-thru.

6. Speaking of - I am not putting off installing batteries in the scale now that we are here, for fear that it will confirm my fears of massive weight gain.

So what about you? Happy Not me-ing!

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Bethany said...

Hey neighbor, I just found your blog since you posted a comment on my hubby's blog. I have to tell you, in light of reading this most funny list, that the night after we ate dinner at your house, I dreamed you were pregnant.... On a side note, right after we moved here I received a call from my dear friend in MS and I burst into tears and she accused me of the same thing. I insisted I was not..... I was wrong.