Not me! Monday

Welcome to Not me! Monday - a blog carnival set up by MckMama - go check out her blog when you're done here!

1. This week I did not wash a load of unmentionables laundry in the bath tub because my washing machine is still broken and we don't want to buy a new one before we move. I did not keep this load to myself even though I have had multiple friends offer (and do) laundry for me, because I find it weird to have someone else handle my undies (and the husbands)!

2. I did not find a child jumping on our [unmade] bed while eating a rice cake. Subsequently, I did not find pieces of rice cake in the sheets later that night.

3. Ok - this one almost didn't make the cut, but it was TOO funny not to post. Backstory: Chad hurt his thumb badly about 4 weeks ago, then re-injured it Saturday morning. So - While at lunch Saturday Cael grabbed onto Chad's injured thumb, and (really) didn't listen to his dad say saying "let go, Let Go, LET GO!" His hands full, and Cael ignoring his pleas, desperate to escape Cael's grasp - Chad did not react to the pain by biting Cael's hand!! I was not so completely (and simultaneously) shocked, embarrassed and amused that I just raised my eyebrows and sat in silence as a stunned Cael yelped about what his father had (not) done. Once order was restored I did not say "I cannot believe you did that. That is SO going on Not me! Monday."

4. While at their Powerriffic Spiderman Birthday party Sunday night, Cael did not COMPLETELY meltdown (because he let go of his balloon and it floated to the very high ceiling). By this I mean he did not burst into tears, then into screams, then start jumping up and down wailing, as though I had just condemned him to a lifetime in Timeout. It was not utterly and completely embarrassing.

5. At same said party I did not eat 2 cupcakes, instead of one like I should have. I did not justify it by saying "It's Mother's Day - I'll eat another if I want to!"

Ok - that's all I can remember for now! Happy Not me-ing!

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CalieB said...

Oh my the biting of the hand is HI-larious!! And I really want one of these cupcakes.

Nancy Evans said...

Two cupcakes??? That's all??? I think at least a half dozen is just about right.