Not me! Monday - the move...

It's that time again, YES, time for Not me! Monday. Head on over to MckMama's when you're done to see what everyone else has NOT been up to.

Not me! Monday - the Move:

1. While moving this week, a friend came over and (begrudgingly) assisted in packing up my things. At one point she removed Kyran's little Fisher Price high chair seat from the dining room chair it had been strapped to. I am not totally ashamed to tell you what was found beneath said chair, because I clean it out frequently, as I'm sure everyone else does. There certainly was not something fuzzy GROWING on top of what appeared to be a former liquid substance that had hardened/gelled into more of a gummy paste. Nor were there more enough crumbs to fill a cereal bowl to the brim. I did not try to use an ice scraper, then a paint scraper to remove the goo. And even if there had been such a mess my dear friend would not have CACKLED in laughter at my expense! Never. Not here!

2. Having had my iPhone for a few weeks now (Thank you again, Anonymous donor/new best friend!) I have discovered the plethora of apps that make one's life so much more organized that you wonder how you ever lived without it. One such app is called "My Girls Day" and is a calender to help keep track of a particular monthly occurrence that we shall not speak of. I did not happen to get it set up on my HUSBAND's iPhone this week, so that he might be prepared in how to deal with me on certain weeks. I also did not wish that it had an alarm feature...

3. On Moving day, we arose at the CRACK of dawn, (anyone who knows my husband is in no way shocked by this). He was not so on task that he pulled pillows out from underneath my sleeping babies heads to pack before we were ready to get them up and in the car.

4. I do not confess to purchasing a song from All American Rejects that repeats the phrase "gives you hell" multiple times. I do not love that song, nor did I play it 3 times in a row while the boys were sleeping on the way down from Iowa. Nope - not me!

5. I did not hear my 2 year old son say "I'm SO depressed!" If I had, I would have whipped around, shocked, only to discover that he was copying his brother and meant to say IMpressed. Still cute though!

6. Finally, the grand finale: You know how when you drive for long periods of time, you get in 'the zone' where you are technically paying attention, but your mind is somewhere else? Well - during the home stretch of our 8 hour road trip to Kansas I noticed a car passing me on the left with two old ladies in it. Upon closer inspection it appeared that the passenger was wagging her finger at me - as if to say "shame, shame..." Befuddled, I thought to myself "Now why is she doing that?" only to realize, that all the while I had NOT been itching my left temple using mainly my middle finger! Yeah - I did not accidently flip off two old ladies. I mean, who would do that? Certainly not me!

Ok - I've had all I can stands - and I can't stands no more...

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Mouseymom said...

laughed out loud. had to read it out loud to nick. still grinning!

BekaKay said...

Cackling - really?