Dear Winter, No one likes you anymore. Please go away. That is all.

So, things have been weird around this blog lately.  I have been distracted by plans for moving and God's impending adventure for us.  All that to say, I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much.

I was actually thinking about doing a Not me! Monday again last week - my 'confession' time just IS NOT nearly as humorous in my opinion.  I wandered over to MckMama's blog only to find NmM has been suspended because of the current situation MckMama finds herself in.  Precious baby Stellan has had a relapse of sorts and has been in the hospital for around a week, with a racing heart.  Any prayers you could offer up for them I am sure would be appreciated.  MckMama clearly trusts God with her son, and at  the same time is undoubtedly agonizing over this pain and uncertainty.


Things are sort of progressing on the 'moving front' for us.  We have narrowed our search for a home in Wichita, and feel hopeful that homeless shelters are not in our immediate future. :-)  We have had several parties interested in our home in Iowa, and I am grateful for this.  I haven't packed very much , but there's still time for that.  

We are doing well with the FPU baby steps.  We are officially debt free (with the exception of our mortgage) and are trying to save like crazy.  Future FPU plans include saving up 6 months of income in an emergency fund and paying off our mortgage early (the new one, obviously).   It feels amazing to not have unnecessary debt hanging around, and to look into the future knowing we are completely on the same page about everything financial, even in uncertain times.


I am very excited about launching this new phase of Shaina Pearce Photography, focusing on babies.  I want to offer packages, but am too phlegmatic to finalize them which brings me to my question:

As mothers, what would your ideal photography package look like?  Birth sessions, Baby's first year, Packages that include albums or prints or canvas's.... Be specific - spell it out for me.  I find myself crippled by so many possibilities


Wichita Kansas Photographer | Shaina Pearce Photography

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