Not me! Monday

Super fast Not me! Monday cause I'm on a visit and only have a minute....  This blog carnival was set up by MckMama - head on over to her blog and see what she and everyone else have not been up to.

1. I did not go to bed @ 8:50 one night this week - that would be sad.  We aren't THAT old.

2. Upon learning of a flasher in the area, I did not drive down the highway with my camera in my lap 'just in case' I happened to see him.  I did not claim to think that if I saw him it might "launch my photojournalism career." :-)  I was not secretly hoping I would catch him.

3.  I did not have to dump my [disaster of a] purse out into the passenger seat of my car because I failed to bring cash with me on our road trip for the toll road.  I always plan ahead, adequately - right honey? (Also, I did not find a pair of my own socks - already worn...)

4.  I did not almost grab someone else's child in a play place on Saturday.  A little girl had Kyran by the neck and was dragging him towards the exit.  In her defense she was trying to make him obey - but she was without a parent in the playroom and after I told her to let go, she refused.  Luckily for her, she had knocked Ky off balance, because he was not about ready to punch her in the face - and I was not about ready to let him.  After I finally got her removed from him the mother came flying into the room making apologies - I was [truly] not impressed but I WAS gracious.

Ok - enough for now.  More blogging once I return to the land of snow....

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