Not me! Monday

Welcome to this weeks Not me! Monday - a place where all of us are free to be our *perfect* selves! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

  • Let's start with an easy one: I did not completely fall off the wagon this week and start drinking Dr. Pepper (beloved life juice) again.  Sometimes 2 a day.  I'm (for real) not sorry.

  • This week has been unusually busy for me, outside of our normal routine.  But just because I was gone 3x as much as normal does not mean my house has fallen down around my ears.  I do not have the worlds messiest bathroom (read: messy does not equal dirty. I have cleaned the toilet, after the illness we had this week.  It's just that it's an obstacle course to get to the toilet, or anywhere else in there for that matter.)  

  • I have not fallen WAY behind on laundry, after having Chad move my papasan to the basement.  It seems a lack of a GIANT laundry basket leaves me with nowhere to put the loads of clean, yet unfolded, laundry.  So now there are (not) piles of dirty clothes everywhere, since the dryer is still holding the last load it was given.

  • WARNING slight grossness factor:  I did not scratch my leg so much yesterday that it bled.  I have beautiful, smooth skin, which is not at all extra-dry and dragon-like.  I do not liken my skin to scales during the coldest winter months.  That would be disgusting.  

  • WARNING severe grossness factor:   While dining at a [former] favorite Pizza Buffet this week, Kyran did not throw up all over the table. Oh yes.  It was not so bad that we left immediately, and discussed that we likely could not go back there for quite some time.  

  •  I did not commit a fairly major financial blunder this week that ended up costing me $300.  To be fair, I'm usually on top of this stuff, but have been known to make huge mistakes when I make one.  Luckily, it all worked out fine in the end.  This is the first time in 3 (almost 4) years I have (not) made such an error, and that has become my average.  1 mistake every 1200 days or so.  See, it's not so bad when you look at it like that, huh?  Unless you are my husband who's average is more like 1 mistake every NEVER.  

  • I did not completely break down and buy both a converter box and antenna to welcome TV back into our life with open arms.  I also did not have a slight panic attack when Chad said I had to choose between Iowa Public Television (cartoons for the boys) OR my newest favorite addiction, One Tree Hill and The OC.  Jury is still out on who will win that one....

And last but not least:
  • This morning, while upstairs getting dressed (for church, no less) I did NOT hear my 21 month old shout from the bottom of the stairs: "MOM!! Git ur butt down!"  I have no idea where he would have heard such a phrase.  I certainly would never tell my children to get their butts down from anywhere.  Besides, my child would never, ever sass me that way.  Nope - not me!

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namaste said...

Oh my gosh, this sounds like my week! Ok, just kind of... but so funny. The converter thing; totally did that yesterday. How do you like the antenna? We didn't buy one and my husband had to call me from the roof while rotating an old rooftop antenna around. I was trying to decide the same thing... Public TV and a total of 18 channels of 14 channels with 2, 4 and 22 (local networks). I went with the local network. Have a good day!