Love my Lover - [not so] Wordless Wednesday

Continuing with the Month of Mush theme - here's a picture of Chad and I in the Spring of 2003.  He was about to graduate from college and we were planning our move to Iowa.  I was working at a bridal store at the time and had schemed a fabulous date in honor of his graduation.  I had earned a free tux rental (incentives through work) and well as a $100 gift certificate to a restaurant in Lexington, KY.  I talked my mom into buying us tickets to see Beauty and the Beast (the musical) as his gift, AND I talked my boss into letting me borrow a dress and jewelry for the big night!  I snuck over to a friends house to do my hair and makeup. (I had to have her sneak back into my house and get my bobby pins!  I think it freaked her out a little.)  

When I showed up back at the house an hour after leaving "for work", he was shocked! (One of maybe 2 times in our history that he didn't suspect something.)  He was a great sport with the Tux, even though he REALLY didn't want to wear it.  Our friend Brad snapped this and one other picture from that night.  It's one of my favorites of us, despite the mailbox growing out of my forehead.   :-)  It was a fabulous (and mostly free!) date, that I will never forget.  Love my Lover!!

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Sarah said...

Love it!! This may be a blog fest just between us, but you have inspired me to blog again for the fabulous Month of Mush! So fun! Are we really the only ones?

Figures, since you are about the only one who actually reads and responds to my blog. Love you!