Quick recap

I have the greatest husband ever. 

 Last night he:
  • vacuumed the Living room
  • vacuumed the Spare bedroom
  • folded about 3 loads of laundry
  • did the dishes
  • changed the impossible-for-me-to-reach light bulbs.  In both rooms.
  • Sat around chatting with me as I finished various other chores.
I also have the greatest Mother ever - and I will post more about that tomorrow, when she is no longer sitting next to me on this couch. But for now I'm going to go spend time with her! :-)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Sweet. It is nice to have some one who helps and shares the tasks of everyday life. Jeremy isn't always that good, but i can't complain. He helps the majority of the time. Well with a little nudging from me. LOL.

Enjoy you ma. ;)