Internet, I am pleased to introduce you to Mr. Atticus Jacob Rhyne Van Voorst. It was his lovely parents whom I fell off my dresser for the other day. If you have a chance, hop on over to their blog [Team Van Voorst] and check them out. Paige, Todd and now Atticus are very dear to Chad and I's hearts - it was an honor getting to shoot little Atticus! Enjoy the slideshow!

PS - If you are getting this via RSS, you will need to click through to see the slideshow. At least I think you will. Also, to any RSS readers - sorry for the 10 BILLION updates. It took me forever to get it right. :-)


Sarah said...

WOW!!! Someone got their computer back....
Love the video!

whenjeskasparks said...

good work!
i nearly cried!
my favorites are the one of him and todd looking to the side, the blocks, and then paige and todd givin' him a smooch.

the best pictures i've ever seen taken of my favorite l'il guy.
you, m'dear, are amazing.

Tricia said...

WOW !!!!

CalieB said...

Shaina those are amazing! I love the one where they both are kissing him! Good job!

paige said...

SHAINA!!!!!! they're awesome. they're perfect. thank you so so much!!!