Ok - so I'm doing a little experiment.  I am speaking this Friday at MOPS (aack!) and it's not going to be the most comfortable topic for me.  Our theme for the day is "Helping a friend in Crisis" and my small portion of the day is talking about being a child of divorce.  

There - I said it. And I'm fine.  Maybe this won't be so hard.  

I have been a bear all week (just ask my husband) and I think it's because I am internally fretting about speaking.  Blah. Anyways - this is me, asking for help.

My speech is to be in answer to the following questions.  If you have had any experience with this and would like to share an answer to any of the following questions, please either leave a comment or email me. caelnkysmom [at] gmail [dot] com

In relationship to when your parents got divorced:
  • What did people say or do that was helpful?
  • What did they say or do that was NOT helpful?
  • Is there anything you wish people would had said or done that they didn't?
  • If you could let people know anything about the situation what would it be?
There's another one I think, but I am perpetually losing important papers with these things written on them.........


New Post:
I'm am quite sad to report that I ate the last cupcake for supper.  This was the week to have a fridge full of amazing, one of a kind, cupcakes to help me cope.  I am making cupcakes tomorrow for MOPS on Friday (I think), but mine won't be cream filled or have that awesome (read: texture like a cold stick of butter) frosting..... *tear*


Cael has to have his tonsils out.  I can't remember if I have blogged since I took him to the Dr, and I am too lazy to look it up.  We have made our consultation appointment - I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.  On a completely unrelated note, he is doing AWESOME in the potty training department.  Finally.


Little buddy is awake and is sick so I must go tend my child....


Jaime said...

When my parents split I was at the ripe, old age of 12. I think at that age, I just tried to avoid the topic at all costs. Since you're speaking with a group about pre-schoolers (assuming their age group is who would be dealing w/ divorcing parents) I would encourage others to tell the children it's not their fault, nor did the decision have anything to do with them.

GOOD LUCK! (Hit the return key a few times to ensure I was meaning this for you & not a suggestion to tell the kids ;)

On another note... Pretty sure that's your gorgeous lil sister for your title pic! LOVE THE SHOES!

Shaina said...

Good point Jaime. I was so busy thinking about things to say to the parents about the situation, I hadn't gotten to the "what to say to the kids" part. And yes, that's Evie. Hard to forget those giant blue eyes, isn't it? I'm going to post some of her less attractive pictures from Middle school one of these days. Just cause I can!

hollieschuff said...

I'm sorry Cael has to have his tonsils out. He will be much better after! Who is doing it?? I am happy to hear he is doing well with the potty training though!

I look forward to the cupcakes on Friday.

I am praying for you having to speak on the panel @ MOPS. You will be fine! I have one minute to make an announcement about the Weekend to Remember conference and I'm stressing.