So I gave my site a face lift.  This one is *so much* easier for me to update.  Believe it or not, I built it myself (using ShowIT sites).  Check it out, then leave me some love!

ETA: A real post:

So - I have spent countless hours working on this new site, and my house shows it.  I think I will take tomorrow OFF from my computer.  I'll make Chad hide it or something, so I  don't get tempted to get on and check things. Tomorrow WILL BE Tackle it Thursday.  It MUST!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I want to:
*make edible playdoh for the boys.  I continue to feel like a less-than-adequate mother as long as this dream remains unfulfilled.  And if Kate can do it, so can I!  
*get as much done in my office as I can
*make hot chocolate and snuggle my honey.

Tomorrow I NEED to:
*work on last minute MOPS stuff
*get as much done in my office as I can
*avoid the temptation to go to town for lunch.  Which I will SO cave on.

PS I'll finish the slideshow thing at some point.... probably next week.


hollieschuff said...

I love the new site! You did a great job!!! I'm off to look @ my pics again. They are all so good. I need to place my order. My internet was down so I missed the early bird deadline. I'm a procrastinator!!

Lion Dusti said...

Your site looks amazing! Soo many great pictures! I want to see a slideshow of a wedding though!?
:-) Love the picture of your two boys, Ky with the mohawk! And your sisters couldn't be better/prettier models! Gorgeous pics. Anyways, best of luck on your Tackle It projects. (I can't stay away from the computer either!) :-)