{Linds + Scott}

CONGRATS to my former college roommate and her new hubby for GETTING MARRIED this past weekend.  The wedding was held in the lovely Chapel @ SE Christian.
The reception that followed was at the AWESOME Mellwood Art Center, which I will remember for the next time I am in Louisville for TTD!  I have a LOT of people the thank, starting with Linds and Scott! I'm SO EXCITED for the two of you.  Also to Raquel, Brian, Eric and Elizabeth of All Angles Photography in Louisville for helping to cover 'all the angles' (get it? hee hee!) And I need to send the BIGGEST Thank-you to my in-laws for watching/wrestling with my 1 and 3 year old boys ALL DAY while Chad and I shot.  Without them I don't know WHAT we would have done!! 

Ok so, ON with the show!!

First Look!

Linds and her Momma

Congrats you two!!

Shaina & Chad


Lion Dusti said...

What sweet pictures! They look like a very close and lovey couple. I like the shot of them holding hands/her bouquet. Love the way they're all cropped in just right... Love the side shot of all the bridesmaids and the cool angles... You're doing a wonderful job!

Sarah said...

Your so good. I wish you could have shot my wedding. ;) Keep it up.