TRASH the Dress

Hi - So I didn't make it to the finals, for the Mother's Day photo contest, but I liked most of the competition that 'beat me', so that makes it better I think...

So here's a question for all you Faithful blog-readers: I'm shooting my college roommate as she "Trash's the Dress" - She's getting remarried in June, and I'm so happy for her! But the dress we are trashing is from her first wedding - and she wants to RUIN it!! Here's my ideas/suggestions so far:

1. Mud :-)
2. Paint
3. Grass stains
4. Scissors

So how would YOU really TRASH the dress??


Tara said...

Burn it and make smores!!

Brad, Ashley, and Emma said...

fire is always good

Sarah said...

Find a muddy road and run over it in a car or truck. Then rip it to strips and send it up the flag pole for all to see. ;)

Fire works too. Sacrifice it!!!

Lion Dusti said...

Wear it jeepin!