Ok - this may seem strange but I am ALL about entering online contests these days.  Case in point :MyApartmentMap.com.  They are giving away a $50 GC to amazon.com for reviewing their site. (To 1 person - not to everyone) So I am reviewing.

If I was looking for an apartment right now, I would like to use MyApartmentMap.com.  They have handy features, such as specifics searches for Colleges, and my favorite part is (duh) the MAP.  I click on the GREAT state of Iowa and I can see flags where there are apartments listed.  This would be great if you're looking to move to another state or somewhere far away and might want to see apartments available in surrounding towns. (Also - I didn't check this part out, but it said FREE listing on the home page, so that's always a good incentive for those of you with one to rent...)

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Ian Reardon said...

I see you entered the May contest. Thank you, the review is great. I happened to find you site when I was looking through our logs, otherwise I wouldn't have known about the review. Could you drop a note into the blog post on our site letting us know your email address? In order for you to be entered, we need to know who you are:)