Rock the dress!

Ok - so I had a conversation with my sister in which I tried to convince her to "Trash the Dress" - or Rock the Dress as we call it.  Here's a portion of the conversation... :) 

[Can you imagine "ROCKIN'" the dress? What else will you do with it anyways? Let it suffocate in a box for 25 years, try to convince your daughter to wear it, defend it when she calls it 'old fashioned' and then make her have to sell it or DONATE it when you die?? Not a very glamorous life for such a BEAUTIFUL gown, now is it? 

Now picture this - A huge 20x30 canvas of YOUR gown with YOU in it hanging in your home for you to show your granddaughter. It looks like a Magazine cover; A little dirty, a little wet, a little sexy - and a LOT cool. And you get to tell her the story of how you and her grandad went and created these AMAZING memories and pictures of the most beautiful dress you ever wore. (which she can still dig out of the box you put it BACK in after you wore it one last time.)]

So, any of you Brides out there who want UNFORGETTABLE shots of that Fabulous gown - hit me up!! Hopefully some of these will inspire you...

CREDIT for these photos goes to: the AMAZING Bobbi & Mike and Paul Johnson

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