I knew it!

Yeah - so at about 4:40 am or somewhere in that vicinity I was rudely awakened by my bed shaking!! What in the world?? I woke up my husband....

Me: Honey...HONEY!!
Honey: What? (so groggy)
Me: HONEY - Why is our bed shaking?? And I can hear the mirror scraping against the wall!!
Honey: Maybe it was a big train??
Me: I didn't HEAR a train!
Honey: Well I don't know. (slumps back to sleep...)
Me Thinking: Maybe a car hit the house!! No, I would have heard something... MAYBE it was an earthquake!!! No - that's ridiculous. We don't live in California... Hmmm Maybe it was just a train....

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Sarah said...

I am glad everyone is ok. That is just crazy stuff!!