Bridal ideas

I found this picture on Charm City cakes website - just thought it was SO cool.  I hated my cake, and partly because my poor florist had to add the ribbon (the "Cake-Nazi" refused to do anything beside place the cake in it's appropriate location).   It tasted AWESOME, but it looked like trash.

Anyways - also including a link for the COOLEST Bridemaids dresses EVER.

Love it!


Sarah said...

I love that cake, I too wish I would have taken the time to have cuter things. I guess I aways can have an anniversary party. ;)

Tara said...

I love those bridesmaid dresses. Just wish I would have though of the concept first. Get idea and it looks amazing!! Atleast your cake tasted good. Ours looked amazing but tasted like trash!

Lion Dusti said...

I could look at fondant cake designs all day long, and I know that sounds totally geeky, but I think they're amazing! :-)

Too bad you can't get a good fondant from your local Dillons/Wal-Marts!

Evie said...

The dress looks like a sheet. Cake is awesome...I love Ace of Cakes, they are the best!!

Devan Whitson said...

Hey, I'm another photog from the area and I just randomly came across your blog. Sounds like maybe we had the same "cake nazi" make our wedding cakes. :) Anyway, we're planning a photographer meetup for this fall in Burlington and you would be more than welcome to join us if you'd like! Just shoot me an e-mail.