ties and eggs

I wish I could figure out how to get the pictures in the order I want. They load BACKWARDS.  Anyone know what I mean/how to fix it?

Anywho - The Kelly Easter was a busy, and fun and YUMMY as always. Here's  a few highlights...

Dad helping Ky get an Egg.

A bunch of the Peeps - 
Cael cheating at the "Egg Roll".  He came in dead last but still was shouting "I WINNED! I WINNED!" 
Michael 'whacking' his egg. I like how the spoon is moving so fast it's a blur.

Michael finding an egg.

Mr. Killian Kelly. So cute. SO Chubby.
 His neck was too big to button the top button. 
Sam said, as sincerely as possible, 
"I hope this still fits next weekend for the wedding!" 

Kyran, Killian and Cael.  
Sam and I both call our kids by the wrong names when we're together.
This was towards the END of the Egg stuffing - there was WAY too much candy.

he he he! Bruce doing what he does every year after dinner. :-)
My Baby - walking!
My 3 HANDSOME men. ♥ 
Ky (like his Dad) HATES his Tie.

They were 'so over' having their picture taken.
The Three Stooges...


Sarah said...

LOVE these pics. The boys and Chad are so handsome! The pic of your boys and Killian is hilarious! Killian is a chubby boy!

Sarah said...

Goody! You posted more! Really? Couldn't button the top button? Ha! I l love it! Looks like we missed all of the fun... bummer.

Sarah said...

Too cute! Looks like tons of fun.

Myers Family said...

To move the pics in the order you want, you just click and drag them. If you hold down the mouse as you are clicking on the picture, then you can drag it and insert it somewhere else. Hope that helps!

Brad, Ashley, and Emma said...

Gorgeous Boys!!!